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Next Door Slash
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Greetings, this is a slash community for The Noise Next Door. You know, they're a band, they're triplets... ;) Now, what is Slash?

Slash: Generally applies to fanfiction in which two males are in a relationship or together. *

Bear in mind that they are brothers, and that means that some of the stories here will be slightly... incestuous. If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, then we suggest you click the X at the top of the window or the back button on your browser.


1) If it makes you feel better, make your posts Friends Only. This isn't mandatory, it's up to you.
2) No flaming, or putting down others. We won't stand for it. If you don't like an author, don't read their work.
3) No plagiarism, we don't want to spank you. ( Well, Stu does, so violators will be sent to his torture chamber to await their punishment. )
4) All fics must be behind a cut with the appropriate things before it.
5) We work on a three strike policy. Two warnings before you're banned. We hope it doesn't come to that.
6) Post graphics, smut, icons, whatever the hell you want, we're not exactly picky.
7) Don't dis the mods, but that's a given.
8) Don't promote your community here without talking to the mods first. We will discuss it and get back to you.
9) Have loads of fun.
10) Reread number nine.

Fic Posting
1) All posts MUST have at least one member of the Noise Next Door in them, otherwise it really wouldn't be NND slash would it?
2) As far as the pairing and context is concerned. Anything goes. Any pairing you can think of.
3) All fics must be rated, and placed behind a cut.
4) At the bottom, after the closing cut, put where you want your fic memorized, the whole fic ( i.e. Ed/Craig Scott/McFly if it's Scott and someone from McFly ). Put this in BOLD.
5) When posting, include the following:

Dedications: ( if any )

Your mods here are me, Rose, ( jockstrap_girl ), and Stu ( shadow_hive ). We hope you enjoy all the slash, and contact either one of us if you need anything.

Right then, I think that covers everything.

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* Definition provided by urbandictionary.com